We pride ourselves on offering all our customers with the highest level of customer service, leaving you with the best end product and a warm, well treat feeling!

From the initial consultation through to installation and aftercare, we will offer help and advice to ensure the right type of floor covering is chosen for its intended use, or whether the right type of bed has been picked to suit you personally.

Re-Cycle.  We are a green thinking company and we endeavour to re-cycle our waste and your waste whenever possible or practical.

The extra bits that make us special. We are happy to undertake all the difficult parts of what we think is the normal parts of our job. On a daily basis, we uplift and dispose of old flooring and beds, move out and re-site furniture, and vacuum out an installation.

If you have a difficulty moving furniture just ask and we will happily help.

For more information please give our friendly team a call, on 01274 594 914.

Contact Information

Contact Information
Tel: 01274594914 Email: paul@killips.co.uk
Tardis House,
70-74 Briggate, Shipley,
BD17 7BT

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